Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlene's Campfire Reflection

Anderson Clover Guides, Annual Campfire 2009
Bon Voyage, Journey Around the World

This year’s campfire was yet another success! Yay! J My patrol, Oriole 1st, was in-charge of doing fire. And so, the usual procedures took place…proposals and ideas, proposals and ideas…and finally, we decided on one idea. However, due to the SA1 period, we stopped work to concentrate on our studies and we only started on the prototype after the SA1 period.

Due to unseen circumstances, we could not find the fan for your fire. So, we decided to use improvise. We used metal wires to make out the shape of the fire and used twine to cover the sharp edges, however, in the end, the structure was still very flimsy. Meanwhile, I asked my patrol to go and help out at the other patrols while me and Qianci figured out how to solve the problem. However, still we could not figure out any solutions.

Nevertheless, we still managed to make the fire with the help of the seniors. We used the previous year’s fire structure and improvised from there. And so, that was our fire for this year’s campfire.

Overall, the campfire was very enjoyable and I enjoyed myself, though most of the time was spent guarding the fire. The atmosphere in the hall was very high which made everyone very ‘high’ and thus, making the whole event a meaningful and enjoyable one indeed. Everyone’s hard work and efforts had paid off! J I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously that night.

Charlene, oriole 1st

Dimeng's Campfire Reflection

Campfire reflection
Anderson Clover Guides Annual Campfire 2009


Backdrop:Everybody worked v hard in doing this backdrop. From buying, to painting and cleaning, it was really tedious. But i think everyone in the backdrop patrol did a very good job. No one complains or grumbles, keep it up! XD

Gateway:Nice designs and structure. Although most were done by the scouts. A lot of effort was put into designing. ((: The banner was very nice too.

Fire:Hall deco cute. Although the fire was not real but it was really nice.

P&P:Everyone worked hard in preparing in booklets. End product turned out to be v nice indeed.

R&R: Food and refreshment was good as usual.Thanks to seniors who had help us in the home ecos room.

Souvenir: The hardest and most tedious of all. Met with many obstacles and problems, but we pulled it though!( Although we worked to the very last minute to produce the souvenirs) Big thanks to a lot of seniors who had helped us. And of course, SHARON's patrol for working so hard.


For the Sec2 : This is the first time you all are performing as Anderson Clover Guides. Everyone did a good job. Ultimately, i hope everyone of you enjoyed dancing as much as we enjoyed watching.(: Of course, the main purpose is also to bond the Sec 2. We hope it was achieved?

For the Sec 1: This is the very first year with Anderson Guides. I hope everyone is doing fine. This is also the first campfire with Anderson Guides.I hope through our very own campfire, you all will be able to learn from the experience and bond with other sister guides. Most of all, hope everyone had a good time during the campfire.

For the Sec 3 : ~.^


Daphne's Campfire Reflection

Campfire Reflection:

I was very Happy at the Campfire that day as it was my FIRST guides Campfire.
I love the performance performed by the seniors as it was very nice and interesting. I also wanted to be in the Sec 2 dance next year.
Though I did not feel very well on that day, I still enjoyed the Campfire very much!(:
I love Campfire and look forward for tha next one.(:

Grace Png's Campfire Reflection

This year's campfire was the first campfire I attended and the first campfire I've actually prepared for! xD
I think all the hard work and preparing for the three++ days paid off because it was really fun.
I can't really compare because I haven't been to many campfires.

My patrol was in charge of the structure and I think we did quite a good job because the names of the schools were clearly labeled and tied up!
I was quite angry when some of the schools untied the poles and carried them, but it was nice seeing them so enthusiastic.

Actually, I was really happy seeing scouts and guides from other schools coming to our school for the campfire and enjoying themselves so much (especially catholic high xD).
I think almost everything went as planned and it was nice of the band to sing huiling ma'am a birthday song!

The Sec2 dance was fun although we were all so nervous before the performance. When I was on stage, I wasn't nervous at all! and even if I made a mistake, no one would have noticed because everyone was like one big family (so cheesy).
The Sec3 dance was really good (Y).

Oh, we got our guides tee which is super nice right before the campfire too!

All in all, I think everything was successful and I felt really happy after everything was finished.
Even the preparation was fun actually. I felt like I was bonding more with the people in my patrol during that time. :D

Next year's campfire will be harder because the current sec2s would be in charge, but I hope it will be successful too!

Eunice's Campfire Reflection

Campfire reflection!!!

My patrol (swallow 1st ^_^) was in charge of backdrop this year! Last year was...uh...gateway, yeah...
we put a lot of effort into it
pity it was too long
then the bottom was folded up and we rolled up the top (covering the theme and birds)

got paint stains! :D on my shoes, socks, pants, shirt, skirt...haha
got scolded...but nevermind:P its paint after all

the xiao ren very cute!!!
finn ma'am draw one
so sad the ma'ams thought is Casper behind a brick wall...
its so cuute!

finn ma'am also drew the words(the cursive ones at first)
then it couldn't be seen
so change to block letters with aluminium foil
but i prefer the cursive, its pretty :)
why not wrap the cursive in aluminium foil???
oh ya! too small... :P

lots of help were offered to us...painting the hot air balloon...
thx a lot! :D

the campfire was fun!!!
last year one was more high though...dunno why
don't bother that statement.

and i was in sec 2 dance.
i was very nervous at first
then miraculously, i smiled through the whole thing (yay!)
so it was a nice experience after all
you wont really care about the audience
they actually add to the beat! :D

okayys...i think i over wrote
so thats it, yeah

~eunice :D

Jing Pei's Campfire Reflection

Below is the campfire reflection:

Bon Voyage - Journey Around the World
This my second campfire in anderson clover guides. It was a rather fun and enriching experience. Mynah 2nd was incharge of souvenirs. We had to come up with 3 designs for each souvenir. It was really tough as it is very tedious. We had to run to many places to buy the stuffs. However, at the end of the day, we had to redo every thing at the last minute.

At the second last day, the seniors all came back and all our souvenirs were rejected. We had to redo it all over again, and this time it was really short time. Many of the souvenirs had last minute changes. However, a really big thank you to Sharon(My2 PL). The sec 3s really did alot of things for us, they did most of the work which was really commendable.

During the campfire, the atmosphere was really very high. Loved campfire and all the scouts and guides were really very high also! There were also nice performances etc :D

Me and Yi Ling were also the dance i/cs for sec 2s. We had to choreograph and show it to the seniors before teaching the rest. It was really hard to teach the rest as everyone learns at a different speed. We met up several times to practise dance. We also edited the dance several times even at the last minute. At first, we were all those don't dare to dance kind. However, it was really ok to dance on stage during campfire as there was the mood. Overall, sec 2 dance was a success :D

Overall, i really enjoy campfire alot. It's one of the best part in guides. Really looking forward to next year's campfire.

Mynah 2nd

Kwan Hong's Campfire Reflection

The campfire was a nice experience to have. The refreshment duties are quite fun too as we can see the food before others ate them and that my friend and i got to serve drinks to the principal and staff. I did not get to see all the performances but i was glad i got to see at least the last part of the performances thanks to the arrangement of swoping duties half way through. The lightings of the performances is nicely done and the backdrop stood out. Generally, it was nice to had been there on the campfire's day.

Jia En's Campfire Reflection

Campfire 2009, Bon Voyage.

We put in a lot of effort into it, like meetings every day for the first week of june holidays. My patrol was in charge of P&P, and huiling ma'am cut out the cardboard into circles and we painted it and glued them together. We had to touch up on the paint a few days before the campfire. Paper helicopers were also cut out and pasted onto the cardboard. Just a few days before the campfire, huiling ma'am gave kf2 encouragement cards, thankyous! (:
I think the campfire was well planned and organized, as we finished everything before the campfire :D

Jia En
Kingfisher 2nd(:

Sirachar's Campfire Reflection

Campfire Reflection 2009

During the middle of June, Anderson Clover Guides had organized an annual campfire based on the theme, ‘Bon Voyage’. It means , ‘Journey around the world’. During the June holidays, as in a week before the annual campfire, we had to sacrifice some of our time to come back to school to help out in the incoming campfire. We realize that all our hard work through these days suddenly seemed insignificant. All our sweat and toil was worth this one shining moment of happiness.

Everyone was high during the campfire, especially those who had attended the campfire. Not only did they enjoy the activities that we had organized, they also played their part by making the campfire a success. They cooperated with us, volunteered themselves to join the activities and lastly, we all shared our joy and laughter with one-another. What has captivated me the most was the dance performance, performed by the sec2 and 3s. It briefly stole the audience’s attention and admiration, as their movements were awesome. Almost all the moves were perfect and there were hardly any mistakes made. At the end of the performance, everyone clapped enthusiastically, showing their appreciation.

The minute tickles from time to time, it seemed that the campfire had passed in a twinkling of a eye. Sad to say that campfire has ended.

Oriole 2nd

Genevieve's Campfire Reflection

Its Aguides campfire again!! I have been looking forward to this campfire. Its my second campfire. This year , the campfire is about Bon Voyage and the patrol that i am in is in- charge of R&R. In R&R , we had to prepare food for the guest and VIP to eat and also make a guest book for the guest to sign. We invited a lot of schools and also our own uniform groups.

We started to prepare our campfire 1 month ago , so that we would have enough time to do everything. We went to help other groups as the food can only be prepare on the day of the campfire.We went to help the backdrop patrol . At the end of the day , we had to used a lot of thinner to wash away the paints on the brushes and paints on our hands and legs . Its fun as this is my first time painting a big backdrop.

Its weeks to the campfire .We got to practice for dance and the sec3 too . Its our first time performing on the stage. Its fun and exciting.
The Raffles scouts came to help us to built our gateway.
We baked some cookies for the scouts that came to help us. We also started to make our guest book. On the day of the campfire, we had to go to school early to finish up all the things.

we started to make the food for the campfire and rush to finish our guest book as the it was not done . After that we then found out that the guest book is too small and we had to redo it.We quickly went to find cupboard and paint colour on it . Our ma'ams came to help us . Finally thanks for everyones help we could finish in time and we were all very happy. Everything is done and we got our new guides tee .We wear the guides tee for the campfire.
We had a lot of fun during the campfire. I have
learnt that team work is important .

Jing Yi's Campfire Reflection

JingYi's Campfire Reflection on

Bon Voyage
Journey Around the World

The 2nd Campfire of A* Guides that I've attended ! This time Oriole 2nd was in charge of Gateway, while last year we were in charge of fire. The only thing we really had to do was the banner, since the Gateway was going to be done later when the Raffles Scouts could come and help. However, since there were 2 patrols in charge of Gateway, not all were needed to help. In the end, we had to walk around and ask other patrols if they needed help. Mostly, we stayed and helped out at the Structure, Souvenir and P&P Committee. On the day that the Raffles Scouts came and help with the Gateway, I wasn't present since I was helping out at other Patrols.

Before the campfire started, I was one of the few who were ushering the visitors in at the gate. When the campfire was about to start, I had to rush to the hall because I realised that all the other Sec2s involved in the dance had left . However, much to my relief, I realised that the campfire had not started when I arrived at the hall.

The Sec2s dance was not really synchronised . The music had started before we were able to stand at our positions and the timing was way off. However, it was really fun, even though some of us forgot our dance moves, and some of us had to rush the dance moves out to be in time with the music. It was really enjoyable since the audience was really "high" and it allowed me to not feel as stressed about the incorrect timing . The other performances were great! I really enjoyed myself at the campfire this year :D .

-JingYi :D

Ying Rong's Campfire Reflection

This year's theme is "Bon Voyage, Journey Around the World". It's my second campfire with A Guides. I was in the Gateway committee. Since I had been in the Structure committee last year, it was a welcome change and a new experience. Also, since I am Sec 2 now, I joined the Sec 2 dance, the opening performance. It's very different from last year, I think.

First, we (the 2 patrols in the Gateway committee) brainstormed about ideas for the gateway. We wanted it to be a challenge, but not too dangerous and it had to be easy to build. So, the first few ideas we came up with were rejected based on any of the above grounds. However, we came up with the idea of a "swinging bridge" we felt exciting enough and the seniors thought safe enough. It was quite complex, the system of ropes, though I was not unduly worried.

The Sec 2 dance team consisted of about 12 people, of which 2 were the ICs and 2 knew the dance well enough to be sort of an IC as well. The first session we watched the four of them dance to Insomnia by Craig David. The next few we learnt the steps of the dance. The actions were simple enough but it was hard to remember all of them at one go. Then, the ICs decided to change the ending but I was not affected seeing that I haven't learnt till that far, anyway. So instead of just Insomnia, we were dancing to Da Zhang Fu as well. I kind of enjoyed dancing and pretty soon the actions came almost naturally except that I still needed some reminders about the middle part.

The gateway committee seemed to have nothing else to do after the banner was painted because the actual gateway could only be built on the day itself. So most of the time, the gateway committee was helping other patrols, with the exception of the two PLs who did a little touching up on the banner. I spent much time with the structure committee and the souvenir committee.

The Sec 2 dance altered again on the very day of the campfire. The Insomnia part and Da Zhang Fu ending were both lengthened and additional dance steps added. The dance was still easy to do although I was flustered about the change at the eleventh hour. Of course, now the dance looked much better and the music flowed less abruptly between songs. That was what the seniors wanted.

I didn't actually help during the building of the gateway, but I was tucking in the loose ends of rope and checking for unstable parts after it was built (and when the builders left - I didn't even know they already came, since I was with structure, which was the second patrol furthest from the gateway. Naturally I didn't see it until I was called to help out). It was quite stable and the only difficulty was finding were to stuff in the loose ends of the rough rope. Then I was sent to help the other patrols again.

The campfire itself... well, maybe all things considered it might be a success on our part. Though some things didn't go quite right. Like when somehow someone from the PA crew played Insomnia when the singer started singing (so we missed our cue to go onstage, which was the music part, no singing). No, I don't blame them since we wouldn't even had any song if they didn't help us. The gateway was really exciting though there was a problem when we were taking it down. And the Sec 3 dance was great! Everyone knew the song Nobody. It was really fun, being the performer for once whilst being an audience as well.

Ying Rong

Aisyah's Campfire Reflections

Bon Voyage (:

This year's campfire was awesome :D It's my second campfire and i had loads of fun !
My patrol was in charge of Structure this year . To me, this year, we had lesser time for preparations compared to last year . It was very rushed but thankfully
everything turned out great . So did the Sec 2 dance ! We did not have much time to practice the dance but as nervous as we all were, i think we did great and we all had loads of fun dancing !

We also got our new Guides Tee ! and i think its uber nice .

Also, i managed to bond with the sec 1s and other guides .
There was not much performances as compared to last year, but the games and our energy made up for it .
Overall, it was greaaat fun and
i cant wait for next year's campfire ! :DD

- Aisyah ! KF1 (:

Jia Hui's Campfire Reflection

Campfire reflection

4th june 09 Anderson clover guides campfire was an exciting and busy day.
The theme was Bon Voyage journey around the world. Everyone was getting
ready the final preparation to be done and getting all the things ready for
inspection. I feel elated that our efforts paid off and the campfire went
smoothly. The structure looked wonderful, it was really shaky but I like it
alot. The first time I went through was was really scared but I enjoyed it
and realised that it is very fun and i went through it many times. Im sure
everyone was super happy and hyper that day. There were alot of
screamings and cheerings going on. I cheered as loud as I could but
thankfully I did not get sore throat. I loved the games part, it was quite
humourous and entertaining. Not forgetting our own dance too, it was quite
nice too. I like the structures hung in the hall, it was colourful.

The preparation part was tough especially when the sun shines in and everyone
was perspiring. I feel tired. Everyone had to help out in her patrol or assist other
patrols which needed help. There was much to do. I had to run errands to buy the
required things, help other patrols to paint,wash the paintbrushes, paste the
letters etc. My hands and shoes are stained with paint with a few specks
here and there. I have learned alot of things teamwork for example in tying
the poles and structure and removing the gateway. Tying the poles to the
bench requires one to hold on to the pole and one to tie the knot tying the
structure also requires help from others. Removing the gateway requires
many people's help and alot of teamwork. We had helping hands from
others too. It scared everyone that we had to bring down the poles from
such a great height but everything went smoothly. I have learned to take greater
responsibility and help others whenever they needed help. This campfire was
certainly a memorable experience for me.

Yi Ning's Campfire Reflection

Basically, my patrol is doing R&R, refreshments and reception. I think this year's campfire is not that well prepared and very last minute. By the time we get into the main prep, we had less than a month's time left. Even after the idea was confirmed, we spent alot of time looking for the correct material and trying it out for a few times. For example the invitation, the first time we did we used the wrong materials, and it was not up to standard. Then we had to redo and used some other materials. It was the same for the chairs our guest book. It was very messy and we redo that for a few times. On the day of the campfire, it was still not glued properly. So we just used the thing on the table to support it. When other guides and scouts saw the guestbook, many of them said it was cute. Because there were "people" sitting on the plane, one of the scouts said,: What, last year chemistry this year biology?" I was actually quite happy, because they actually remember our last year's campfire theme, chemical AG.
For the food, some were catered and some were made by ourselves. The hotdog/pineapple stick was finished very fast. But as the bread were prepared very early, most of them turned dry and hard, so not many people wanted to eat it.
We were actually quite lucky that during the campfire, after the sec 2 dance, we managed to finish the decoration in time and manage to catch come parts of the campfire.
Overall, i think this year's campfire was fun but still can be improved.:D

Yu Yan's Campfire Reflection

Name : Chua Yuyan ( 1/5 )
Oriole 1st Coy

Campfire Reflection
I think that the campfire was fun , and the effort we all made paid off in the end. Everybody was especially high on campfire night and i think we made it by making them enjoy our Clover Guides campfire. I was guarding the fire, and i thought it was really difficult to guard it when songs which make people run all over the place comes along , because everybody will be running and then banging into me. :D

Shi Hui's Campfire Reflection

Aguides Campfire2009: Bon Voyage

Campfire 2009 has just ended. This year’s theme: Bon Voyage, means the desire to take everyone that comes to the campfire to travel around the world with us. Our emcee this year is Cheryl and Junisha. An applause to them on a job well done.

My patrol, Mynah 1st, was given the committee of Gateway, along with Bixia’s patrol, Oriole 2nd. This was the first time that we were working as 2 different patrols, and the experience was new. We had a hard time deciding on the design of the banner, but we chose the cute one that Bixia drew. The one with the bean. The whole result came out nicer than I imagined, and the credit goes to the designer, BIXIA!!! (Bixia, I love you)

Our gateway was done with collaboration with the scouts from RI01. Our gateway was a cool one, with a ‘swinging’ platform. It was done in less than 4 hours, but the scouts had to make a second trip back, and we really must thank the RI01 scouts for coming to help, although they weren’t able to stay back for the whole campfire.

Through this campfire, I now understand how it is to lead a patrol to do a big job. I was really fortunate to have the help of Mynah 1st, Oriole 2nd and Bixia with me to complete this job. Thanks to BIxia, members of Oriole 2nd, and my patrol members: Shanice, Kay Jan, Jia Hui, Ying Rong, Jia Min. Thanks for the enjoyable memory on my last campfire.

Pei Yun's Campfire Reflection

Peiyun's campfire reflection

Anderson Clover Guides annual campfire 2009, Bon Voyage, Journey Around The World! MY patrol was in charge of gateway. The gateway is very nice!! I like the swinging platform in the middle =) Very unique and special. The banner looks very cute. Besides these, there was nothing much for gateway so we went to help other patrols with their preparations.

During the actual campfire, everyone was very high and enthusiastic, screaming and having fun throughout the whole campfire. It feels great that the campfire is turning out nice after all the preparations done before it. Enjoyed the sec 3 dance tremendously! Sec 2 dance was kind of screwed up… at the start of the dance, the music seemed weird and everyone was kinda confused. Overall the campfire was fun and I learnt many things from the preparations. Looking forward to the next campfire =))

Umairah's Campfire Reflection

Campfire reflection 2009:bon voyage

This year my patrol did fire and I was not very sure of what to do as I had never been involved in the fire commitee before. We did the decorations for the hall and the fire that was to be in the centre of the hall.Though the process was long and tedious, I very much enjoyed the fruit of our labour, which was the campfire itself. However my patrol and I spent more time on the decorations than the fire as we did not really know what to do.The preparation of the decorations was a bit difficult as well as some of the items had to be coloured before hand and some of the cardboard was hard to cut.We also had to ensure we did not end up cutting the decorations in half or spoil them. As for the fire, I had a mistake of buying the wrong shade of brown and had to paint the item over again. Deciding where to put up the decorations was also a bit of a confusion as some of the decorations could simply not stay in place and the position of the decorations was also changed from twice.
However, though I went through all this, I was glad that I had a patrol members that I could count on. I really enjoyed the campfire and learnt a few things along the way as well such as teamwork as well as self initiative. I learnt that it was important to work together so as to finish a task quickly. As for self initiative, I learnt that we should help one another if we ourselves have nothing to do.
Overall I think I have learnt much from this campfire and I really look forward to next years campfire!
Oriole 1st

Jing Wen's Campfire Reflection

Jingwen's campfire reflection
Oriole 1st

~journey around the world~

This is my second time to have prepare for annual anderson clover guides campfire.Our patrol were in-charge of Fire committee,last year was R&R committee.And i felt that Fire committee was more relaxing and fun somehow.....because i get to colour the hot air balloons(:

I think this year is quite rush because we only have a weeks or a month,i forgotten but still quite relaxing.Hall Decoration is fun! I get to design the hall but i still get frustrated at some moments because there were some problems we were facing like example the "Fire" itself was rejected then we have to use the previous year "Fire", and put some bricks and charcoal wood around the "Fire".We also have to paint abit. I felt quite sad because we can't use our own "hot air balloon Fire".

On the campfire night i felt it was not as high as compared to last year. But still, we still make an effort to make the campfire successful(:

Our Sec 2 Dance was abit screwed at the beginning of the music whereby a few seconds of the music got cut off. Result in, the first few steps were also screwed.So i think we might need to be more cooperative with the PA crew. I think i can improve on remembering the dance steps and putting more effort.

And Sec 3 dance was Great(:
I love the dance and the songs too(:

I think it was a very good opportunity to do different kinds of committees and learn different things. At the same time learn how to solve problems and learn from our mistakes.

I'm looking forward to our next campfire 2010.....
Hope we can done even better next year(:

Kay Jan's Campfire Reflection

This is Kay Jan from 1/1.. :D

I think that the campfire is very enjoyable although the process was very tough. I find it regrettable as some of the schools came late and we could not catch the starting of the campfire. I felt very relieved but sad when the campfire ended. I found it sad because it was so fun that I didn't want it to stop.

Gladys's Campfire Reflection

This is gladys here by the way (:

My first campfire, theme called BON VOYAGE. I thoroughly enjoyed myself except for the fact that since it's our campfire, we have to do preparations and stuff like that. It is a great experience and i love it as i finally learnt, team work is very important. My petrol, which is swallow 1st is in charge of the back drop. Although there were wet weathers, i feel that the back drop is nice! We put in alot of effort into it. Although i missed alot of meetings due to my piano lessons, the rest were fun. I learnt that we must be fast in our work or else we wont get a good ending. Well, all good things come to the end. I enjoyed the friendship dance and the thousand legged worm dance as it was very fun but i tripped over the wire. The campfire is quite rush, but still, we get to enjoy. Our hard work is paid off. :D

Gladys Tan
Swallow 1st

Vanessa's Campfire Reflection

hello (whichever) ma'am!:D

vanessa's campfire reflection

journey around the world

this is my second campfire already! time flies~
it felt a bit different preparing for campfire as a sec 2 guide, because it wasn't just following instructions, but passing them on to;D KF2 did P&P again, so we have experience in that area. i thought that this year's campfire prep was more relaxed than last year's,maybe because our patrol had a less 'turbulent' time with the seniors this year lol.

definitely, there were mistakes made. there were inaccuracies in the measurements of the drawer, and we had to alter it so as to allow the drawer to work. the painting was irritating as it took so long to dry and the (red&blue) boards kept sticking to one another,causing some of the colour to come off and the helicopters didnt want to stay in position. nevertheless we pulled through, but on my part, i think i could do better by tracing the word template more neatly on the 'globe' and taking more care in ensuring accuracy of the measurements.

campfire night i didnt think it was very high.but still, it was our very own campfire to be proud of;D
sec two danced was er, SCREWED.
the music got screwed(few seconds of the music got cut off) so the steps initial steps also screwed.
we weren't in sync and we danced not exactly in accordance to the music.
i think i can improve by putting in more effort and time into the dance.

sec 3 dance is awesome;DDD

hope that i will learn from my mistakes and that campfire will be awesome-r next year!


Junisha's Campfire Reflection


To me, the campfire was a great sucess although we had to go through many preparations. Firstly, we had the sec 2s dance. We had to practice many times and stayed back for long hours just to perfect the dance steps and to synchronize with each other. This causes many of us, sec 2s, to bond with each other more.

As for our patrol, we were in charge of backdrop. For the backdrop, i helped to paint the stuff and my shirt was full of paint but i didnt mind that. We had to shift the backdrop to many locations. We also had to paint in the hot sun and fan the backdrop so that it would dry much faster.

I was also the emcee for the cmapfire and on the campfire night i was very stressed out. I was worried that i would make a mistake and embarrass myself or the audience wouldnt get high enough.

On the campfire night, i think almost everything went smoothly. We rehearsed before the actual campfire so i was a little bit more confident. The atmosphere in the hall livened up when the campfire started and everyone was excited and that cheered me up a little. I am really happy that all our efforts have paid off and we all did a great job. :D

Junisha , swallow 1st

Yi Ling's Campfire Reflection

Overall,the campfire is very fun and exciting!At first,I'm also very depressed and worried as I thought we might not be able to complete the souvenirs. But, thanks to the seniors who came back to help us, so that all our souvenirs are done.Being the dance i/c, I was also worried that we might not dance well on the stage. But all the effect went well except a small error in the end.The campfire was so short but it was worth our effort for all those days! Last but not least, THANK YOU SEC3S!


Dian's Campfire Reflection

This is my campfire reflections:

After the campfire, I was exhausted. I have been to a campfire before but I have never organised one. I feel that the materials were not prepared and there was not enough planning.
I realised that Secondary 1s were not called for help frequently and when we asked the other guides if they needed help, they turned us down. We were left with nothing to do and were only called for help at the last minute.
The backdrop was too long. We should measure the length and width of the backdrop before starting on it.
I think there was not enough effort put in by everyone, including myself, and I think there should be more competitions to interact with the guests, including the VIPs. There were not many schools participating too. I observed that the guests were disappointed with the Secondary 2 dance as they looked like they expected more.

I hope this reflection is long enough. Thank you!

Dian Mohamed Nasuhar
Swallow 1st

Amira's Campfire Reflection

I think that the campfire preparations should be done in advance. The materials such as paint, scotch tape and other things we needed had to be bought earlier.The theme of the campfire should also be chosen earlier. However, I think the scouts,guides and Andersonians enjoyed it. The decorations and the backdrop was nicely done. I have been to many campfires before but I had no idea that organising one is very difficult. The Secondary 3s did a great job in organising most of the campfire. The theme should be more exciting so that there should be more activities for the guests.The refreshments for the VIPs can be improved.

'Amira Mohamed Nasuhar
Swallow 2nd

Janis's Campfire Reflection

For Anderson Clover Guides Campfire 2009, the theme was "Bon Voyage-journey around the world". I found that it was a very creative theme as ideas on preparing the campfire that were related to travelling came easily. Work was divided by patrols and mine patrol was in charge of the preparations of the fire. We finished our work quite early, leaving much time before the campfire, so we went around helping other patrols with other work. Little amount of patrols needed our help at the beginning, but as the campfire drew closer, there was a rush in almost all the work, help was needed here and there, all were busy. Despite the fact, the campfire ended out to be completely awesome and everyone were very satisfied. It went on smoothly other than the fact that the tape, securing the wire, that was connected to light the campfire, to the ground kept detaching itself from the ground as some people stepped on them, with some even tripping on them. I had gained much experience from this year's campfire as it was my first time preparing for one and all the seniors were patient and kind with us, secondary ones.

Janis Lim Shi Rui
Anderson Secondary School
Oriole 1st

Tai Wen's Campfire Reflection

This is a great experience for me. As this is the first girl guides campfire i had, i had really learnt a lot of things, such as managing time, do things faster, how the campfire looks like and what we have to do such as gateway, souvenirs and more. It was quite busy while preparing for the campfire, so another new experience for me.I also learnt some campfire songs that we sang during the campfire and you have to be very hyper when singing so that you will feel very happy. I also saw how much effort the seniors have put in for this campfire. I feel more relaxed and happy after the campfire ends as it was done smoothly and our effort have paid through.I also saw how?enthusiastic?the sec 2 are and they really enjoy themselves in the campfire. I also like their dance performance as well as sec 3 dance. So to know that we have to dance next year, i feel quite nervous already . So i hope that this experience will help me in whatever i do, regardless of academic or?behavior, and it was?definitely?a very good opportunity to learn something new.


Chew Tai Wen, 1/1, Mynah 2nd

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Aisyah's Campfire Reflection

CHEMICAL AG!- My 1st campfire!

I had a lot of fun and experience.My patrol,Kingfisher 1st, is in charge of GATEWAY.I helped out by tying the knots and lashes for the ladder.I am proud of our gateway even though it is simple.Many thanks to the Montford Scouts who helped us out with the gateway.I like our banner a lot! It was fun painting the banner.As there was not much to do for the gateway,I helped out other patrols such as,Structure,Backdrop & Fire.I learnt to do many different things.

The sec 2s and sec 3s dance was great! The perfomances by the others were great too.AND NCC won the Best Cheer! The Best performance was by Square Root 64! I truly enjoyed myself.

Aisyah Abdul Rahim-Kingfisher 1st! (:

Hannahs' Campfire Reflection

Anderson Clover Guides Annual Campfire 2008 (Chemical Ag)

This is my first campfire and it was very enjoyable! I have learnt many skill throught the campfire preperation by helping other patrols.My patrol(KF1st) and swallow 1st were in-charge of the gateway.The Montfort scouts helped the most for the gateway.While tthey were doing their part,some of us did the ladders while some did the handrails.Although the campfire preperation was hard work,but the result were rather rewarding.

During the campfire,the hall was filled with excitement.There were many of us screaming and cheering.I remembered a few of us crossed to the other side to make some noise as it was too quite.In the whole programme,I enjoyed the sec 2,3 dance and the games where the scouts carry and the guides drag their friends to the stage!At the end of the campfire we ended with a "Campfire Closing" where all of us stood in a circle.

This event is very memorable and unforgettable to me!:)

Kingfisher 1stHannah Chua

Junisha's Reflection

CHEMICAL AG campfire
Junisha's Reflections:

We took very long to prepare for our campfire. Though it only lasted for maybe around 3 hours, but we spent many months preparing for it. Just to mak a good repretation on Anderson CLover Guides and thus more people would come for our campfire next year.

My patrol, Swallow 1st, and Mynah 1st were in the gateway comittee. Joining patrols was fun as we could make more friends. (: It was fun being in the gateway comittee because we had to make a banner and a gateway to welcome people in. Painting the banner was quite troublesome becuase the pint we used was kangaroo paint and the only way to rub it off is the use the thinner. Sometimes we would use alot of thiner because i could not come off and i hands would feel very hot. The gateway comittee did not have much to do as we completed the banner quite early so we helped out in the other comittees. Another problem that occured was the about the Monfort scouts. We always had to wait for them to come then we can start the gateway. Sometimes they would be very late so we would start late. When the campfire came, we were actually lucky that we finished the gateway and the touch ups but we really have to thank the monfort scouts for making the effort to come and help us.

When it was the campfire day, 29th May, i was very excited. Some of us were in charge of ushering the visitors from the gate to the gateway. After our duty, we went back up into the hall. WOW. When i entered the hall, the whole hall was so " HIGH ". Everyone was screaming and cheering and obviosuly i joined in. Some of us went to the other side of the hall so that the noise would be balanced. I could see that many others also enjoyed themselves a lot. i really think that all our efforts that we had put in was all worth it. I enjoyed it ALOT! (: THANKS YOU MA'AMS!

Charlene's Campfire Reflection

Chemical Ag. This year’s campfire theme. My second campfire in anderson clover guides. I would say: “ A GREAT SUCCESS!”
Though this year we had very little time to prepare for our campfire due to the SA1 period, chemical Ag was still a success nonetheless. It was truly a memorable night for me. Chemical Ag can mean the chemistry bonding between Anderson Guides and her fellow brother scouts and sister guides; the element silver.

My patrol (structure) actually started preparation only after SA1 was over. That meant we had only 17days before campfire! Till then, our proposal was still rejected and we had to come up with new and innovative ideas. We stayed back practically every single day after school to prepare for the campfire. It was only until much later that was proposal was finally finalised.

The first week of the June holidays was spent in school for campfire preparation. YunJin ma’am drew out the designs on the cardboard and the rest of the patrol members cut them out and painted it. We had to do many times of touching up after the paint had dried and while waiting for the paint to dry, we would take a rest or help out at other patrols that needed help. One thing that upset me was that one time ma’am came and told me and Bixia not to just sit there and do nothing but instead do something to make the paint dry faster! I was pissed! We had actually just finished touching up the structures and wanted to take a break, no doubt that campfire is just a few days away. Is taking a break too much to ask of? We are humans and we need a break too! (no offence!) Anyway, the outcome of all the structures was nice! As the saying goes, failure is the route to all success; no matter how many setbacks we encounter to taste the fruit of success, it is a good experience. All the hard work put in by everyone until the day of campfire was worth it! The campfire was a success!!! XD Though Huixin ma’am only came back on the campfire day itself, we, a*guides have proven ourselves to be capable of producing a campfire with only less than a month to prepare!


Mynah 1st
Structure committee

Jerrica's Campfire Reflection

Let's begin with " It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve SUCESS"okay i think the campfire was coolso it was a sucess,so don't be pessimistic. =D

Well through the campfire, we got the feel of how it's like to organize something major.
We got to put our hard work into something and see it bloom, I think that was really fulfilling; seeing smiles, getting high, dancing your heart out.
And most importantly we just got even CLOSER! XDAs for me i got to understand my sec1s, see their cute innocence, got to understnad what are their likes. And let's see i learnt more about my ps ;)
There were unpleasant times, but no big deal. Nothing goes smoothly.
I think gateway was fun, it's my second time being in the gateway com. You might think gateway got off the easiest because there were montfort scouts to help. But trust me, there is nothing to get envious about. We got out fair share of stress and scolding too okay!But we still owe our grattitude to montfort.

Hmm i think i'm running short of stuff to say.

Conclusion: we learnt much stuff that might and will come in handy in future. many BONDS were created. And we loved each other more more more...

=D tada

JERRICA from her KF1!

Huiling's Campfire Reflection

CHEMICAL AG was fun!it was hard work before the campfire.KF2 was in charge of P&P.our proposal got changed times and was painful&heart aching to see everything being thrown away.qian ci and i hold back our tears everytime we see yujia and samantha cry.i know coming out with a proposal is tough.i blame myself for not being creative enough.from this i know that i really gotta think hard when i really need to think.but the best thing is, our patrol really bond together after this incident.we became stronger.the campfire itself was very cool! the Emcees did a good job.but when it was time to give instructions of the game, i cant hear them.i was standing at SJAB's place and i couldn't hear anything.i also feel that the atmosphere wasnt very "high" except for ASC and A.Guides.and i seriously hate it INDOOR...but overall,CHEMICAL AG brought alot of fun to my life a Sec2 in AndSS&&A.Guides.i also want to thank all those ma'ams who helped out for P&P.thank you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chu Yun's Reflection

this year's training camp was fun. i think most probably is because it is the camp that i took part in the planning. i think it is also because that i was not the one who needed to eat the coloured watermelons and eat the sandwich with facial oil.thanks to the girls effectiveness, we were able to carry out all of the activities planned. although i was not the one playing this year but i found out that it is actually fun to watch people ran around also.we had to top up our food supplies on the 2nd day, as we had underestimated our girls appetite. or maybe underestimated yunhui's cooking skill. this year's food was very yummy, thank you yunhui and sec4s who helped out in the kitchen and all the cooks patrols. suggestion to next year's leaders, pls get more food than you need, is better to eat more than eat less. anyway if you eat more and have too many extra calories we can always think of ways to get rid of them.this year's night game was supposed to be very scary, but for my station, the girls dun seems to be scared at all.they were all not afraid of me and kellyn, so next year's leader may consider telling the girls ghost stories b4 letting them off.the rest of the activities were doing fine. lastly i wished to thank my fellow cls and acl, for doing so much from the proposal to the shopping to the actual camp and all the girls who went for the camp and contributed to its sucess and most importantly the sec4s and the leaders.


Cheryl Lim's Reflection

its my first year in traing camp
and i'm proud to be in O3 :D

day one.
we pitched our tents in a horsehoe formation. it was my first time pitching a tent and i was a little scared that i've forgotten what i learnt during the refreshal course. we took an awfully long time to pitch our tents, but they were eventually up. we build the gadgets we needed , and i'm proud of the shoe rack that yeeru and I built. the weather was depressing. the games were fun, though kind of disgusting. the watermelon game, sandwich making, flour... and we were the cooks for the day. the fried bee hoon we cooked was edible, and we're super sorry for the food coulouring/drink incident. it was suprising that we had the night games on the first night. was quite scared when i heard about the night games, as the seniors had told me about the night games in the previous years, and the night games seemed very scary. but the fear faded away when we went to the first station; the toilet. we were busy looking for clues that the fear was gone, was busy trying to comfort grace and pei jun as they we afraid. i think the scariest station was the one in the lodge, where yiteng ma'am was lying dead on the floor. and the row-row-row your boat song is scary.

day two.
we woke up later than expected, started clearing up the newspaper. it was drizzling again and surprisingly, the newspapers were damp or even dry. we went for the morning jog, it was refreshing. was the wood and water patrol , we cleared all the lamps and went to get the seat-upons. it stopped drizzling for a while and so, we formed our first mealring on the grass. we played a few more games and then prepared for outdoor cooking. chopping the firewood was a new experience for me, and thanks grace for teaching me how. and all of a sudden, it started raining heavily. somehow, we managed to do our outdoor cooking indoor and had nicee delicious food.

being the emcee of the campfire really was a new experience, it was scary to stand in front of all the guides and speak. O3 gave our OUT-girls performance, and i laughed the evil mojopojo laughter. soon the campfire came to an end. we learnt a few new songs and soon i had to leave for another camp the next day.

i really want to apologise to O3 for not being there for the entire camp. sorry that i had to leave on the Day 2 night.

A*guides annual training camp ; Outwit.Outshine.Outlast.
i'll always remember this camp.

Cheryl Lim

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Samantha's Reflection

Yo yo yo~ yay
glad that I have gone through the training camp. Seriously I am really jealous of this year sec 2 and I really look up to the sec 4s that had been to a tougher camp during 2006.kies now is my reflection.

Came to school late I though the meeting time was 7.30am crazy rite. Nvm dun tok this liao really makes me malu seeing everybody reached, wat a failure lol So really Pai sei…..time to bring the food, bags and all the things back up to the bus telling the truth I am really quite impress that we did faster then last year “human chain”.-( in the bus )- did cheers blar blar and the grace erm…very not high enough .C’mon BE HIGH MAN!!!HIGH!!! lol. I really like my Patrol cheer juZ that everyone must be alert enough , pls be loud and pls also noe your cheers well although I oso not quite sure but I did come around. Shiok!! Hais…now had to pack all the things down and bring it to Pax lodge luckily we are not in sangam or we will be dead meat like past year.heng.kies now is the part where I think the most piss thing is pitching the tent that was super heavy heavy.BUT super sorry to O3 as I did not help out with that cause I had to pitch the kitchen shelter and had to do the kitchen layout.So Paisei. It was then the God “cry” we all had to wear our poncho I don’t like to wear cause it look weird on me ,but to think back we hardly wear poncho rite so I should be special wearing it Yay!!! Oki oki doing the kitchen shelter then we had our Elevenses then when go back to do our “job” then we had our lunch I wonder how we get so much food anyway all I have to say is “delicious”! This year food is whole lot better than last year. ---pitch pitch----Finish yay we did it at around 1 smth better than last year that is 4 plus and adding the scolding we get and now still keeping it in my brains the training camp profile. Btw so sorry to last year sec 4s – nafeesha and chu yun I was really slack last year I now know how u both feel liao. So proud that I did help my patrol I did my best (: we play GAMES! There we different types of games tiring one fun one disgusting one too… first game was the flour picking gummies in the flour with our mouth who everybody look so pretty with the “foundation” lol I look like a ghost .as pale as a ghost sia. Next game the Ping Pong game hah tat game was a tiring one I blow and blow the ping pong but it still stay in place ahh the ping pong take my breath away. Sad we eventually lose . hah but nvm O3 O3 jia you .that day our duty is cook so lucky that we dun nid to cook for breakfast and lunch all we had to do is dinner but 4 plus preparing dinner is too early so chu yun mdm call us to continue with our game yay so happy . ah hah they next game we gonna play is the most disgusting game I ever played in my whole entire life making sandwiches by passing using your body parts insane totally insane. Stupid sentosa had ppl to become a peeling person ahh the worst part is to eat but the enjoyable part was to past it woh hoh sorry to the ppl that I had so called force Glub* kissed u er but really nid ma so dun pai sei we are girlz man !! Anyways after tat O3 had to do their cooks that is mie patrol yo! Haha we cook fried bee hoon cook cook cook so fun and hungry . u all noe the problem that I encounter was I eat and eat and eat but I still feel veri hungry I had to eat double the meal . kies dun tok liao tok bout the food OMG the food is so delicious really but the carrot hor yah I think u all should noe THE DRINK ahh dye COLOURED DYE!!! No taste yuck. I want bandong lar not dye I noe the colour like ribena but that I purple dye ..eee yer. wonder how everyone think bout the fried bee hoon ??? curiousity kills . I had to eat the 2nd round so malu when rising up my hands cause onli a few ppl rise up I see ppl then I rise up thx see peng for letting mie your bee hoon love u !! muacks!! Then it was COH who so lucky that I can attend I always wanted to experience this kinda meeting in training camp again because of curiousity I tok bout the game that truly really bond my patrol together and we can work as one !!! ahh har I oso say tat the food were nice hui xin mdm ask everybody why everybody say because is I cook one ..hehe malu .and the last question that I ask …….Mdm may I go toilet the COH meeting was quiet because of my tat sentence the atmosphere change it when “funny” hehe.but hor I really nid to rest room but my pee is comin out luckily I did not wet my pants (“D)mastered the technique of expanding my bladder lol.kies finally I get to go to the toilet so happy and relieve going to the toilet reminds me of the frog ..heh heh ripub..NIGHT GAME the night game was actually quite fun but I dun think tat it is too scary but before tat my heart was thumping veri fast cause u dun noe wat is happening sry cheng yee if I call u go first.but I am so proud to say that I pick up all the clues yay!!! Grace dun cry lar lol be brave u all always my ah so!!!after tat we ate supper yum yum eat again eat again . haha after that we had to spread newspaper then the ground sheet, wash up yourselves but I did not but and then tuck in to bed light out…..

Woke up and wake my patrol members as I am the one who is gonna wake them up I slp quite well .we have more hours to sleep thx mdms. After brushing our teeth and washing our face then we had to clear up the newspaper and dry the ground sheets. Hais.. we are late for Pt …we had to run outside the campsite izzah mdm was like ehh naf u wanna see that cute guy we see yesterday lol sing as we run lor…then warm up after warm up we had Colour Party after that it was breakfast yay finally get to eat I was starving before that, hungry hungry .but before that my patrol had to get the sit upon but I took the wrong one at first but see peng mdm finally found it .See peng I own u a favour.In the end kana scolding cause we took quite a long time and was scolded be hui xin mdm. Kies yum yum time had bread with strawberry jams, butter, kaya and peanut butter. Other food like scramble egg and bee hoon but actually be distributed to the senior but we are still hungry so we get to share some “a little bit” onli hehe. Anyways I really nid tat cause I seriously hungry now I noe why my name is hungry ghost ?!kies after eating is the game time kinda racing game ba each patrol have to find 14 clues hehe OH MY TIAN nafeesha one was the most difficult one this tell us that we had to be observant enough really tricking our brain and eyes sia. That naf station really cracked my patrol mind even ziying oso didn’t notice it till….(secret..cannot tell u how we found out haha!!!) er hmm ok where we tok till ???ok after the game is OUTDOOR COOKING one of my favourite activity to do in training camp BUT the damm bloody whether spoil my mood it rain really heavy get really cold after that luckily didn’t get a cold. Hui xin mdm decided to cook indoor cause outdoor cooking food will be our dinner.I love playing with the dough when cooking the wat tuna roll I made it into a curry puff look haha and btw our chicken really taste good the so called “sauce” really taste like chicken essence juz tat chicken essence Is made up of black chicken .Delicious , juZ wondering why this year our chicken had no name . nameless chicken poor thing.Woh my tummy is getting really bloated so full after eating wat we cook but seriously I dun noe why our cooking technique is so great. Great job!!Ah hah next activity was the first-aid game whole lot of fun while playing really enjoying it. I was the crippled one so sorry to ziying , grace and yee ru who carried mie u all must be dog tired after that ba??next I time I bring tonic help u all bu bu shen lol (“D).Grace I think was our main character ba she was so funny haha. I noe why her name is ah so liao she really act like ah so so cute sia .Those scenarios really did help us condition and strengthen our first aid knowledge .thx to mdm. Now came to a situation that we had to entertain the senior my group did the banana thingy although we fail for some time but we did get the second place haha the immitaion group was so funny when some sec 2s had to imitate jie ling .haha they are so malu that they didn’t know wat to do jie ling ni hui mian too open le ba .nvm I like it, camp is juZ to enjoy ourselves and do wat we nvr do before. Actually in camp I try to be as open as I can lor. Next is the colour bomb game actually your group weapon is the plastic bag .did not really help much to our group maybe we don’t know how to use the “weapon” ba ?? when crazy everybody wad like screaming as they run mie lei I keep on hitting the ants that keeps biting mie so freaking mad at the ant over there at camp Christine !!! they are so mean !!!ohh yar for got to add in we saw a baby snake , my god first time see wild snake the snake was so cute lar I like snakes, as in I not scared of snakes yay Samantha wan sui!!!CAMPFIRE!! I was so high I nvr been so high in my training camp life . ahh the feeling is so shuang !!! my one was the powerpuff girl so cute rite I did not noe that I really act out I was so nervous at tat time…haha but I really enjoy….after tat is the ah gu game haha so tired so beat. We oso learn some new song. We after tat had to wash up ourselves and lights out but the lights out time was anytime adding our sentry duty …hai yer so irritated I dun wanna ask them wat they say bout mie but I wanna noe lar nvm…sad..

Yay last day of camp miss camp and wanna go home to BATH I nvr bath for the whole 3 days so stinki .ziying!ziying! other patrol trying to wake us up I was the one who woke up first and started to call other members up ahh so panic at tat time hurry brush our teeth and keep all the news paper .Yay finally did punishment I think 40 squats ba or more plus jumping jets and ate breakfast lor.hehe. Had to do jobs liao did gather our gadgets pole and clean it dry it yay then it was Prize presentation . so funny lar .kies get to clean the toilets and then get the things up the bus and went bac school did bath twice in FRESH!!!

Conclusion Actually this training camp was great so proud tat we did all the game that we are suppose to do everybody take initiative to ask for time extension so tat we will not get scolding and do punishment thx mdms for all thx seniors thx Y.A for this training camp .

Samantha Yeo

Grace's Reflection

Camp reflection!!!
Hello! This is grace here~

Ok shall start off with the first day. Start off by loading stuff on to the bus, which I think was done quite effective this year. It was a lot faster than last year to me, thus I conclude that human chain is not a very choice. Arrived at camp Christine, unload stuff from bus and started with tent pitching! I was quite worried about this before the camp, but luckily we did it quite successfully! After that was gadgets making. And we had problem with the poles because there wasn’t enough 72" and 48", thus we have to modify our gadget designs and using only 36" poles! Yup so we had to tie 2 36" together and use it as 72" and stuff like that. And by doing that we wasted a lot time. But in the end we manage to find some 72" poles! Yay! Then we had our elevenses!! ( I was starving) yup then continued with gadget making. Then had lunch. I love styrofoam boxes! xD after that we had games. And we had to play games in pocho, like last year but nevertheless we still had a lot of fun! Dipping our faces in flour and stuff like that. But playing in the rain is so romantic! xD and then was the ping pong ball game, everybody was crazy over that orange round ball, desperately trying to blow it away from our own goal.;D yep and then comes the most unexpected game – the sandwich game!!! I thought the leaders were just kidding when they said that we must eat up that miserable sandwich which came in such a close body contact with us, as well as the floor. It turns out that I was wrong! And due to my sunburn my whole face was like peeling, especially my forehead, thus my patrol members have the honor of eating my dead skin! xDDD sorry guys! But the games really bond us together. ;) And then was the watermelon game, turning our teeth and lips blue~ and then we did cook’s duty, beehoon! And about the food colouring drink right, you can’t blame us! Cause it was like in the cordial bottle and the colour was so similar!! And the reason for having the smell but not the taste is because there was still a bit of drink in the dispenser before we added the food colouring. Then COH, it was fun to have everyone involve so we can reflect upon what happened earlier. And then comes my nightmare, night game!!! It was so unexpected, and due to last year experience, I was totally freaking out before the game. And I cried at the first station,haha. Yup thank you everybody who gave me encourages during the game and sorry for making all of you worried and sort of pulling all of you back when you wanted to investigate more about the station. Sorry! But the greenbean soup sort of calm me down after the game :D

Day 2~ woke up and did PT! I think running in the morning at such a peaceful place is cool,and I seriously think that we should train more, haha. Then had breakfast, which I think that the servings can be increase by a little. =) and the amazing race game was great although I think that

We could improve on our teamwork a little. And the clue about Nafeeshah was so~~ haha who would have thought of it! xD yep and then when to chop firewood. I should really take note of my safety precaution in the future. Yes point taken! And the rain really really came at the wrong time. Just as we manage to get our fire burning, it started to pour! I was actually looking forward to outdoor cooking. So we had to move all our food into the lodge and clear all the rubbish left there. But it was really great to see everyone working together in time of ‘crisis’ (the rain). Everybody was like dashing to close tent door, save the food, clear the rubbish… a big thank you to huixin ma’am, huiying ma’am and the seniors for withstanding the heat from the fire pit for so long just for us to cook our food!! And apart from the egg the rest of our food turn out well! Clear up and had the FA game! It was really a great time to refresh my memory on first aid stuff and I am glad that I manage to remember them! But I still need to brush up a bit. I was amaze that I could carry Samantha! xD yep and our teamwork and trust for each other is build on during the game. :) Then was the entertaining-the-seniors-game and water bomb!! And then we change into our camp tee and get ready for campfire! Peijun, cheryl lim and I were super nervous despite the great dinner we had. And the pass-around-the-food-game was really a great way to finish the left over food. Yup and then was the campfire!!! It was really different being the emcee and thanks everyone for being so high! It really help us (the emcees) a lot! And I hope all of you enjoy the campfire despite me the boring emcee. J and the games we played after that were really interesting! A-go~ sentry duty in the middle of the night.

Day 3! My patrol overslept! Thanks peixuan for waking us up! Did patrol duty. ziying and me were suppose to wash the toilet. Thank you Valerie ma’am for helping us! But I still don’t understand why you think that washing toilet is fun. But the sense of satisfactory after seeing the toilet so clean was great. J Clean the poles and then reveal our manitoes! Cheryl lim’s manito is me! And mine is daxaniie! then had guides’ own, yep to reflect upon our good and bad points. And O3 won the most entertaining cheer!! Yeah! Pack up and off back to home sweet home!
The camp was really a fruitful one cause this time being sec3, we don’t have seniors in our patrol to rely on and thus we must settle everything ourselves. This really trains my level of preparedness, teamwork and also bond each of us together. There might be times when we are tired, fed up and stuff like that but at the end of the day, it is really all these that makes us grow and mature together. To all my patrol members, it was really super great to be in O3 and have all you in the patrol! O3 rocks! xDD And a super big thank you for the leaders for planning and running this camp!! =)))

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cheryl Low's Reflection

This is my second training camp in Camp Christine.
My patrol name is none other than: "i- scream!!" argh!....argh!... Let me show off for a while, my patrol got most ORGINAL CHEER award!!(: "We are not?""i-mac!" "We are not?""i-pod!""We are not?""i-gallop!" " But we are.....""i-screammm!!!!"

nice right? nice right? I know, thank you(: okay, the main point, my reflection!:D

Day One:
We pitched out tents in a horse shoe formation facing the flag pole. I think my patrol did it quite well. Although we had some confusions on pitching the tents, but in the end, we made it(: We also built 3 gadgets; clothes line, baggage rack& shoe rack. Our patrol leader, peixuan assigned different jobs. I was tasked to do shoe rack with huiling. It was quite exhausting as we have to squat under the flysheet of the tent and squeeze into the space between the flysheet and the tent. We didnt wear our ponchos because its very obstructing.

We also played disgusting but fun games. The most most memorable game was the one finding the gummy in the flour. I admit I just merely dipped my face into the pot of flour. and amazingly, only my nose has flour! hahaha, My laughter was put to an end my izzah! She saw my face not really dirtied with flour, she was holding onto a basin of flour, and just keep on smearing with flour, happily, until she was satisfied. Being a junior and she is a mdm, I dared not say or do anything, but to let her smear flour. Unluckily, I didnt bring my facial wash. I tell you ar, that facial wash very useful and good. It can really wash your face until very clean. yeah!(: Another disgusting game, which was with the flour, what a waste of flour! When blowing the ping pong ball, the flour went into my eye, wah, so irritating! got to keep on rub. Both our team and the opponent was SUPER aggressive! the ball keep on falling off the table. Until nafeeshah mdm (referee) have to keep on blowing the whistle.

The night game, scary. I was standing infront of my patrol! can you imagine like me? in front lehh. it was because I was wanted to try and overcome my fear of this type of things. The other stations was not really scary, only the one at the chalet was the scariest. I dare not even take the clue. Our whole patrol was very scared. We planned not to take the clue and just go off. But in the end, yiteng keep hitting the floor indicating us to go back. That was the scariest of all.

This year was different, everyone have to do C.O.H. at first, I didnt know what to say, but in the end guess what I said? I said that the FA kit was too bulky. Then huixin mdm asked me to sponsor A.guides in changing all hte FA kits into those nicer one and smaller one, which will cost a bomb! then they say I tai tai. aiya, i was speechless.

Day two:
The whether was quite bad actually. The fist activity was PT! we were ordered to run outside the campsite. We ran for very long. It was tiring and SUPER DUPER exhausting. It was very tiring because firstly, I do not have alot of stamina and a hate running. In the end I was at the back witht eh seniors. Nafeeshah mdm keep on asking me to faster, but i really cannot already, as a result I got split headache, I nearly fainted but thank GOD i didnt. We then played a game which involves searching the whole campsite.

We then proceeded to outdoor cooking. While I was about to start the fire, rain started pouring. Huixin mdm was helping me with putting the punks, kindlings and twigs. Maybe she got nothing to do? or maybe the leaders outdoor cooking pit have not been dug? it was so unlucky that the rain spoiled everything. Can see that she was very fed-up. But it was also her who helped us to have a mini outdoor cooking with the half cut metal oil barrel. Can say that she was very professional and knows what to do in conditions like these. If I will be very flustered up.

We then have the FA game. I am the FA of i-scream!

The most interesting part was the dinner. I hate cabage! although the cabage was nice, but eating alot was too much. we had the eat the cabage game, it was thanks izzah, that I had to eat 5 mouthfuls of cabbage. It was not the end of the cabbage game. After a few rounds, the cabbage stoped at christine, I instigated her to stop the cabbage at izzah. muahaha, I can take my revenge le. izzah mdm, also wanted to take revenge too, she stopped the cabbage at me!! argh... argh... like again? why me? I so skinny yet eat so much! my stomach going to explode! I had no choice but to eat mouthfuls of cabbage. Thank you christine, for helping eat the carrots, lighten my burden. Now its my turn to take revenge again!! my target was izzah again. But I was too busy eating the cabbages, I missed her. But in order not to wate time, I requested to pass the cabbage the opposite direction to go back to her. muahaha. the revenge was sucessful. yay!(:

Day three:
Actually there is nothing much, but there are some things though. Like the balloons! haha, guess what I wrote in the paper? my dream is to open a restaurant in orchard and have alot of buisness. I love food!(: (: and maybe can have catering services to camps like training camps in camp christine. haha. Qian ci got my balloon! and I got small siti's balloon.

In school, mama chong likes to ask us if we are clear of this topic and I at times, I wanted to say "yes mdm!" haha. This camp sure have affected us! I hate cabbages!

Many thanks to peixuan, my PL. yunjin, my QM. Daxainee, my PS who is very brave in the night game & huiling, siti and jiamin for helping and guiding me throughout the whole camp. than you alot:D Lastly, the leaders, thanks for making this camp REALLY REALLY very memorable for me!<3

With Lots Of Love,
Cabbage lover,
Cheryl Low:)

Yun Jin's Reflection

Annual Training Camp 2008, 10-12 March, Camp Christine.

Basically, I think that camp was very fun! Partly because of the fact that we didn’t do a lot of punishments because we managed to finish everything in the proposal (according to ma’ams) and because it kept raining.

However, I’m glad that the rain didn’t dampen our moods although it always came at the wrong time, for example during outdoor cooking.

This year’s camp was more efficient in my opinion, because instead of the usual human chain, we just took everything we could on our hands and took them onto the bus and down the bus. I think this is way more efficient because by passing one thing to one another takes up quite some time.

Instead of tent pitching I went to do the kitchen shelter because I was the QM for my patrol. Pitching it was rather easy because the seniors were there to help us and guide us on what we should do. (Side note: I almost fell down with the kitchen shelter because I was the one holding the upright)

Gadget making was very confusing because there weren’t enough 72” poles to go around, and my patrol had to make do with 36” ones. And we were supposed to build the baggage rack at the back but we built it at the front instead. But I guess it was okay because it didn’t really affect us much.

I love the games that we played! I think they were very fun! I think the seniors really racked their brains to think of such games, so thanks! I love the sandwich game especially, because it really required our co-operation! Although the tomato dropped like 5 times and the sandwich was so dirty, we still ate it! :D

Night game was a test of courage, really. I think Daxaniie and Cheryl Low were really brave to be at the two ends! But the station at the lodge was really funny, Kellyn ma’am just burst out laughing when we said some random stuff. But the one at the dorm was really scary! Ma’am confiscated our torchlights so we couldn’t see anything. And plus the previous year’s experience, anyway we were really scared. I think I have a phobia of Camp Christine's dormitry. And we were allowed to scream! Which is so much better because screaming is like a reflex action which we can’t really control. And I really thought Kellyn ma’am choked on tictac and died.

On the second day we were late in the morning because we took our time to take out the groundsheet and newspapers. Did stretching exercises and ran outside Camp Christine and we had to sing while running. I bet everybody was out of breath, but it lifted my spirits and I felt happier, probably due to the hormones released while running.

Then me, yujia and peixuan were part of colour party! I think it’s very cool! But it was also very scary because I was scared that I would screw things up.

Although we didn’t manage to do outdoor cooking, we had an indoor one and we ate the chicken for dinner because it took so long to cook.

First aid challenge was a breeze. The questions were not that hard but the problem was how to carry the handicapped people. And we lagged behind by one station but its okay because the point of this game was about the first aid knowledge I think.

Campfire was nice, although my patrol’s performance was weird because we changed the script last minute and all, but I think the emcees did a great job! Played some games after that and it was really really fun.

Had sentry duty at around 1.30am and went to sleep after that.

On the third day, the good thing was that we didn’t have to strike tent which means we had more time for other things. Cleaned the gadget poles and I admit that I was talking to people and not cleaning the poles. Had guides own and our manitos were revealed.

Then it was prize-giving! Our patrol got the MOST ORIGINAL CHEER! I think everybody knows about our patrol’s cheer already, because it was so original! :D

Then cleared all the rubbish and came back to school!Basically I think the food was veryvery nice because we cooked in the kitchen. :D

For duties, my patrol did wood and water for the first day and we just lighted the kerosene lamps and helped other patrols. For the second day we were supposed to do cooks but we didn't because the ma'ams helped us to cook dinner so that we can play our games. (thanks!) For the third day we did health but I went to take out all the gadgets. But it was very hard to take out because it was wet and it started raining halfway.

Overall, I thank all the leaders for organising this camp! We know it has been hard on you, and we really appreciate your efforts. :D

However, there is something which I hope can be changed. Can we take our own stuff when we load the things into the bus instead of just taking somebody else's bags? Because when we came back from Camp Christine I lost my shoe bag with a plastic bag and it contained many important things inside, and nobody seemed to have it. So to prevent confusion can we just take our own stuff?
iScream - QM!
We're not.. iPod!
We're not.. iMac!
We're not.. iGallop!
We're.. iScream! :D

Jun Ying's Reflection

Outwit, Outshine, Outlast
Annual Training Camp Reflection

I wasn’t anticipating this camp very much on the first day of camp, as I learnt that ZiYun, my PS, was sick and is not going for the camp. I felt rather reluctant to even move when I woke up that morning. But on the last day of camp, I felt very proud of myself for pulling through the 3D2N camp!:D

On the way to Camp Christine, my patrol members and I were discussing about how to edit the campfire item and the allocation of duties as ZiYun wasn’t here with us. When we reached the campsite, we started with tent pitching. The tent was really very, very heavy and there was a hole at the tent door! It was confusing at first, but we were able to sort it out soon after. Then we started gadget-making. I suddenly realize that I did not remember how many poles we needed in all. But with the help of haiys, we thought of new ways to build the gadgets.

Then we had nasi lemak for lunch, it refreshed my memory of camp last year. It was nice, but just a tad too oily for my stomach to contain. After lunch, we had games. The games were really fun, the rubber band and plastic cup game was very innovative. The flour and gummy game made us felt rather ‘dough-ish’. After which, we played the flour and ping pong soccer game. It was quite competitive and the ping pong balls kept dropping off the table. Next was the disgustingly fun sandwich game, we were quite slow at first, but we were the first to finish up the sweat and dirt filled sandwich though. I want to thank QianCi for eating the tomato which dropped a thousand times, and all other patrol members who helped finish the whole sandwich together. But all these games really bonded us closer together.

Then we had dinner and COH. I was the first one to start, and didn’t know what exactly to say… but it was quite fun overall. Then it was night games, before night games, Haiys and I accidentally opened the door to one of the ‘crime scenes’ situated at the toilet. So, it wasn’t as scary when we went there during the night game. The night game was not as scary as expected. My patrol was using laughter to help lessen the tension during the game and HuiXin ma’am came to us and asked us to soften down and take the game seriously as we were too noisy and bouncy. Throughout the game, we got a few shocks and scares here and there, but being in a group lessens the fear. I was proud of my sec 2s as none of them cried!

After the night game, we laid our tents with newspaper and sprayed the entire tent with insect repellent which didn’t smell nice. Then went for a shower and supper before heading to bed.

We woke up at about slightly before 6 the next day and cleared our newspapers and groundsheets. Then went for a run outside Camp Christine as PT. After which, we had breakfast then patrol duties. My patrol was supposed to clean the toilets. Many thanks to Valerie ma’am and ChuYun ma’am who helped us clean the toilets. After that, we played a game which requires us to explore the whole Camp Christine. When asking for clues, we had to entertain the ma’ams so my patrol did the chicken dance and banana dance for quite a number of times.

Then came outdoor cooking, the weather turned bad when we were preparing for it. Therefore, we had ‘indoor’ cooking instead. Million thanks to HuiXin ma’am and HuiYing ma’am who helped us cook our food and kept the fire going despite the heat. Then we had the FA game, and I had to be carried around by Finn. I felt very guilty and uncomfortable when being carried. Fortunately, I was able to recover pretty soon. And bringing Haiys, who was ‘blind’ around was very fun as she really trusts us and we could really go very fast. We were being praised to be very efficient as the stations too!

Then we had our yet another indoor campfire. It was pretty fun and really funny. But I was feeling very tired and drowsy due to my medications so I couldn’t get ‘high’. Our performance didn’t went as well as expected as we did not rehearse before hand…

The third day, my patrol was supposed to report at 6am for cooks duty but we all overslept. Everyone was probably really very tired. We prepared sandwiches for breakfast late and missed PT. After which, we took down all gadget poles and due to the rain, we did not have to strike our tents! This saved us heaps of time. Then we sorted out our gadget poles and revealed our Manito. Then we had prize giving, WITTIES won the best patrol award!:D then we packed up and head back to school and civilization!(:

Last but not least, I would like to thank all my patrol members co-operating and for all that they have done during the camp! And ZiYun too, for her help when doing the proposal and pre-camp preparations(: and thanks leaders, for planning such a memorable and meaningful camp.

p.s sorry for the late submission.

Cheng Yee's Reflection

At first, I was very nervous about the camp because it was the sec 2s' first guides training camp, but after the whole experience, it wasn't as bad as I originally thought! Despite the bad weather, we still finished all the activities in the proposal, according to Ma'am. Here's a brief overview of my feelings throughout the camp...

At Camp Christine, we set up the tent. My patrol did the job quite well, but the tent's support poles were still a bit slanted. We proceeded on to do the gadgets. BIG PROBLEM. There were not enough 72' poles for everyone, so we had to improvise - tie 2 shorter poles together. Eventually, we managed to get a few 72' poles, enough for our clothes line at least... That same night, we had our Night Game. I just kept reminding myself 'it's just your sec 4s with red paint and cheap props' (no offense...) and eventually, no one in my patrol screamed, I think. It was rather creepy at night, I must admit.

Outdoor cooking was the main focus that day for me. Me and Samantha had the fire going, until it rained. HARD. We had to rush out of the rain and save our food ingredients before they got soaked. So everyone fled to the lodge, waiting for further instructions. We had to share a barrel to cook our food for lunch. So in the end, our lunch was at 2pm - 3pm. But thanks to Hui Xin ma'am, our lunch was saved! Yay! Then the campfire: IT WAS AWESOME! Although it was an indoor campfire (due to the rain), we still had a lot of fun. My patrol's performance was a parody of Powerpuff Girls, where the 3 girls, Outwit, Outshine and Outlast, fought the evil Mojopojo, who was giving the citizens of Camp Christine a lot of punishment. (no offense again...) And sadly, I was Mojopojo. Jia Min still teases me about it...

We packed up everything and got on the bus. Everyone slept peacefully on the bus (I think) with the thought that we could finally be back home in a matter of minutes! I don't know about anyone else, but I really, really missed my home. Wonder how I even survived that 10 days in Chengdu...

The games were... erm... amusing yet embarassing. Especially the one where we passed the food items from 1 person to another... well, at least we cleaned the floor! ^^;;

The camp was very meaningful as it taught me how to work better with others and I formed friendships with my patrol members. I hope next year's training camp would be as good as this years!
-Cheng Yee, O3

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bi Xia's Reflection


it was a fun and very very meaningful camp for me and i think for all of us who attended the camp.1
st day...Reached school at early in the morning feeling both excited and scared.
So afraid that we will get alot of scoldings from ma'ams!
We got the names of our Manito and loaded all the things needed onto the bus, got onto the bus and went off to Camp Christine!
First day and it was raining already. "Ahh.. Rain rain go away..!" but it didnt go away anyway and so we had loadz of games in the lodge.
From those games, i learnt more about team work and that if without teamwork, we would not have been able to accomplished what we were suppose to. At first, when our patrol O-rangers played the first game which is the rubber band thing, i think we did not have enough communication and team work and thus we were the laz one and we were not able to finish the game!
But after that, we learnt to co-operate with one another more and were able to finish the rest of the games ;DD
After that we had COH i think. Whcih quite fun i think. Coz we can sit down in a circle and talk. i wrote a note to my manito and we had nite games after that which i was quite scared at the "Our chalet" place coz i couldnt make myself believe that whoever is in the room are our ma'ams.
Some of our patrol members cried and we encouraged one another :)) That night was the first night in my life sleeping in a REAL tent.
I was so not use to it and was staring at the tent for the first two hours but i gradually fell asleep.

2nd day...
woke up and did some punishments and running. It RAIN again!!
did orderlies duty for breakfast and our patrol were late for quite a long time. We could have been faster if we did things faster and that all of us know what we have to do. After that we have outdoor cooking which became "indoor cooking" because of the rain. T>T
i did not get to have an experience of a REAL outdoor cooking.. after that we played somemore games. had dinner, and finally came the campfire!! we had an indoor campfire and although outside is cold, but it felt warm, coz its our campfire where it only consist of us... after the campfire, we played games and the games were super fun, or rather, it was funny :D

3rd day...
woke up, did a bit of punishment and ma'ams gave us instructions on what to do next. our patrol need to take out gadget poles at the kitchen shelter there. it was very hard as some knots could not be untied. we all separated the poles and then we had to reveal our manito! hehe. we pack up and board on the bus going back to school! in the bus, it was very very quiet. almost everybody was sleeping..
i think the camp was not as scary as i thought but i think it was because of the rain and that we did very little punishments. overall, i think the training camp was fun and our patrol got the "most efficient" patrol award. ;DD

patrol 1 - O-rangers

Ziying's Reflection

Annual Training Camp Reflection
- Outwit, Outshine,Outlast -

This was my second training camp in Camp Christine. My patrol was O3, the chemical formula for ozone. We are extremely important because people cannot survive without us. Being the patrol leader for the first time, it was a bit stressful initially because I did not know what should do actually. But I had no time to bother about it because too many things happening at the same time.

On the very first day, we had tent-pitching and gadget-making. Unfortunately, my tent was just beside a tree and was on a gentle slope. Although we had to sleep on the slope, it was still better than last year because there wasn’t any hole on the tent door. The best thing was that I slept far, far away from the gadget that I don’t have to worry about ants that crawled up the gadget poles this time.

I think the most confusing part was gadget-making because there weren’t enough 72-inch and 48-inch gadget poles. Hence, we had to change all the 48-in poles to 36-inch and connect 2 36-inch gadget poles in 1 72-inch pole. Eventually, my patrol collected 48 36-inch poles. That was amazing! Nevertheless, our gadget turned out to be unique because Jieling mam said she had never see such design of cloth line before. Haha, that showed we were creative and innovative :)
My patrol duty on day 1 was to be a cook. We actually cooked fried rice. We thought it was quite tasty but many of them commented that it was too plain. I thought it was ok because it was still edible and we should learnt to eat healthily by adding less salt. (Did we add salt or just Soya sauce?)Then, the drink was actually diluted food colouring, a drink which was unique and special. I promised that it was not poisonous because I was fine after drinking a lot of coloured watermelon juice. It was even better than mine because at least your month and teeth did not turn purple like me.

Surprisingly, we had the night game on the first night. I was too timid to take part in the game that I didn’t really see any of the crime scenes. Worst, Grace cried at the first station, the toilet. However, other patrol member seemed to be more curious than scared. They would say hi to all the seniors first and start guessing who they were. They even refused to leave the station because they wanted to investigate the scenes and asked the seniors to replay the video clips again and again just to get the answer. Haha, they were so cute. They were supposed to be frightened by the seniors. Instead, seniors were the one who got frustrated because we stayed at the station for too long.

The weather this year was bad and was said to be worst than last year because the rain always came at the wrong timing. For example, during outdoor cooking on the day 2, it started to rain heavily just right after all the preparation. In the end, we had to move everything to the lodge and shared the same fire pit. The food still tasted nice especially the sweet potatoes and the bell chicken. Thank to Huixin mam who helped us to cook the chicken. It was juicy and tender!
That night, my patrol woke up at three to do sentry duty. It was my first time and was as scary as what I expected. At first, I thought we needed to walk around the Camp Christine but we were told to walk around the tent only. Actually it was the time for trainees to complain about their patrol members if they want. Being a lousy PL, I must have received a lot of complaints…
On the last day, my patrol overslept. I knew it before the camp because I would sleep soundly like a pig even if the tent fell. Thank to Peixuan who woke us up if not we would have more punishment to do. My patrol helped health patrol to wash toilet. The lodge toilet was quite clean and thank to Valerie mam who helped us out.

Since O3 gotten the most entertaining cheer, I shall shout it again to end this reflection…

The most entertaining cheer:
O3 is gonna win, cause we outlast, outshine, outwit
We’re gonna be the best, work as one and beat the rest
One more time go…
O3 is gonna win, cause we outlast, outshine, outwit
We’re gonna be the best, work as one and beat the rest


Christine's Reflection

christine's training camp reflection!

outwit, outshine, outlast
this year camp's nice! because i don't have to add to the sunburn i got from sentosa due to the rain.

day one!
first was the gadget and tent making. as my patrol wasn't too sure on the steps in pitching a tent, so we were slower than the rest. but we managed to catch up and pitch it up! then did gadgets, we didn't have enough 72" poles, so we had to modify our designs and use 36" poles instead. adlyn and i were doing the baggage rack and being severly being munched on by the hungry ants.

then we had lunch! which triggered back memories of international camp, in short icamp, which we survived 5D4N eating styrofoam packed meals except for elevenses, tea and supper. after that i think we did our health duty. after that, we played games, the rubberband + cup game and the flour + gummy game. i felt super doughy after that, due to the rainwater + flour effect. and we had the pingpong soccer game. and yayyyyyyyyyyyy, i scored a goal! -hysterical- and our patrol won overall. then we played the sandwich game, i think our patrol was lacking in teamwork somehow as we were the last. nevertheless, we still managed to complete the sandwich and ate it. luckily no one had any stomach problems after that, as our ingredients fell onto the floor X times before we managed to pass it to styfany.

then we had dinner and coh. coh was actually quite fun, not as boring as i thought that it would be. night game was actually not so scary as last year's. i remembered that i was really traumatized after the first station, as it was the dormitory. i admit that i have a phobia of camp christine's dormitory. especially with the room being so big with the long stretch of double decker beds, the suspense is enough to scare us alr. shihui and siti cried, but they still managed to carry on through the whole game despite their fears. everyone was very scared, but we managed to strive till the end! :D after night game we laid our tents and went for a shower before going to sleep. and i couldn't sleep because every average of half an hour, a ant would climb up the newspaper and bite me D:

day two!
woke up at 5 plus during the second day as we had cook's duty. we prepared loads of sandwiches, milo and scrambled eggs. then went for pt, which was running. then after running, had breakfast after that. then played a game, which requires us to explore the whole of camp christine. and, we were happy because there were no signs of rain and we proceeded on with outdoor cooking, which rained suddenly. i hate the convectional rain! so we had 'indoor cooking' instead, and time passed. slowly. but, our pizza very was nice! and, million thanks to huixin ma'am for doing the fire! as it was really hot and she still could stand the heat for such a long time.

then we had fa game, which i realised that i seriously need to revise my fa stuffs. because i really couldn't remember all the carrying methods although i could remember the bandages/certain treatments. we had to entertain the seniors, our patrol did it! by butt writing. styfany's sexaye o.o we had our water bomb game! we were not VERY wet, boo. we should have more water bombs next time! after that changed into camp tee and went for dinner. we played the cabbage game during dinner, and i think i ate too much veggies.

campfire was next, our patrol did the kuso-titanic performance, which made me laugh until i almost cried. the campfire was generally okay, despite having an indoor campfire. after campfire, we played the err/rahhh game which was super funny, and the tingtingting ahgu~ game. left us laughing and laughing. after that, laid tents and went to sleep. then we were awakened at 3am to do sentry (?) duty, we had to talk about the things that we felt about each patrol member.

day three!
then we overslept in the morning because we're too tired. and the ants did not bite me so much this time! but still, we overslept. then we had punishment, which was 40 jumping jacks, 40 invalid squats and 40 valid squats, which was little compared to last year. then breakfast was really filling, after that we went to remove our gadgets. our clothes line was super ant-y when we tried to remove it. then we removed our baggage rack, which was super hard to as the knots were really very tight and we spotted a toad in our tent. and due to the rain, we didn't have to strike our tents, which saved us alot of time.cleaned our gadget poles next. revealed manitoes, and sharon was my manito! my manito was ziying, and i managed to make her think that her manito was not me until we revealed it! :D then had prize giving, our patrol won the most energetic patrol! because we're energizer! hahhah. huiyee was best camper! congratualations! then packed up before going back to anderson. going back to civilisation was fun.

i can say that this camp really had a really big impact on us. even though more than a week after a camp has passed, we saw a stall with the name ahgu and we started playing that game in the middle of a coffee shop. we still have an urge to say yes ma'am to the teachers when they are talking sometimes. and, the 3/2 guides never fail to play the err/rahhh game almost everyday, making our classmates think that we're crazy or something. besides that, i still have a phobia of dormitories and ants, and i learnt the lesson of bringing a super strong insect repellant to camp christine next time, when the weird thing that we did not have alot of ant problem during training camp this year. i guess it must be us being too sweet.

anyway, many thanks to my patrol members! i survived 3D2N with you guys, which was a big accomplishement and really, it made us bond even more as sister guides. namely: qijin, my beloved pl, for doing so much work despite your heavy workload in school. styfany, my beloved ps, i knew that there were times that you were unhappy with me and vice versa i'm sure that the camp surely brought us closer. adlyn, my beloved qm for bringing so much joy and laughter to the patrol. shihui, for being so enthusiastic. huiyee, best camper! for being enthusiastic and helping out so much. and lastly, siti. thanks for taking part in the activities even though you didn't like it! and thanks you guys (and others) for tolerating me, all because of my 7-day theory. shan't explain it further (: love you guys and finally, thanks to the leaders for planning this camp!


Pei Xuan's Reflection

Annual training camp 2008 reflections

This year’s camp was super fun! Though, under mam’s definition of a successful camp, it was a failure since we still went for lunch and shopped after training camp (:

Once we reached the Camp Christine, we started to unload our stuff and shift them to Pax’s lodge. After that we had to pitch our tents. We were really confused when pitching our tent as we couldn’t remember the steps, even though the tent pitching training was only about three weeks ago. Still, our tent turned out alright so I was pretty relieved.

Gadget making was also confusing since the 72’ poles had run out and we had to replace them with 36’. Somehow, our baggage rack ended up in front of the tent rather than the back. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to redo it. There was also a shortage of wooden mallets so we had to make do with metal ones. We had to be really careful when malleting our poles in and the metal mallets were super heavy too.

Lunch was nice and we understood Yunjin’s phobia of Styrofoam boxes. LOL. Played games after lunch which were really fun, especially the soccer game where we got out flour all over our faces . At night, we had our night game. I think it wasn’t as scary compared to last year. Our first station was Kellyn’s station which was the funniest. We went in and made some random comments and she started laughing! The dorm was the scariest station as usual. Everybody freaked out in the dorm and we couldn’t find the clue since our torchlight got confiscated. I felt that Daxaniie and Cheryl were really brave to lead the both ends, so thank you!

The next day we were late since we took our time clearing the newspapers and stuff. After the tiring morning run, we had colours. Colour party was really fun! Halfway through our outdoor cooking, it started raining so we had to save the food and everybody got really wet. Ended up having indoor cooking but our food was still quite nice! After dinner we had our campfire! It was really funny watching the other patrol’s performance. Our patrol performance was pretty confusing as we kept changing the script. So we just acted out and improvised but it turned out okay.

We managed to report on time for the last day of camp. After breakfast, we started to clean the toilets. Alot of sacrifices were made: Insects were killed. Water was wasted. Me and Chuyun mam got super wet. Didn’t know washing toilets could be that fun though (: After that was prize giving. My patrol won the most original cheer! Think everybody knows the iScream cheer already that Yunjin created while zihighing.

Overall it was a good camp. Thanks to the seniors who had made this camp possible and to my patrol for being so supportive!